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About Podium Pro

For Content Seekers and Companies:

Podium Pro is a boutique content writing agency that provides high quality, affordable content solutions to businesses.
We bring together professionals on a career break with organisations who are looking for quality and value. Our USP is that our cost is 20-30% cheaper than the market because of our unique model of training and employing professionals on a career break.


We provide content writing services to companies of all sizes. You can hire us for everything from blogs, articles, emails, newsletters and e-books to the occasional speech transcript or infographic.

For Content Writers and Professionals:

Podium Pro provides content writing courses and guaranteed work to professionals who have taken a career break. Podium Pro was founded with the goal to empower working from home professionals by providing them with skills, confidence and networking opportunities to help them find employment.

We understand that life can take over, but we want you to be able to get back up and pursue a fulfilling career. We know not everyone can afford to leave their family or hopes of stability behind in pursuit of their dream so we created this program for you.

If your heart belongs at home with your family, but you can't give up on your dream of being successful and independent professional--we are here for you!

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