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How to Become an Online Content Writer in 6 weeks?

Course Highlights

What will be covered in this course?

Week1: Basics of online writing

What is online writing? How is it different from other writing? What are the essential things to know before you start writing online?

Week 2: Learn to write different types of content

What is the difference between Website content, Blogs, PR, Newsletters, Emails etc and how to write these types of content effectively?

Week 3: Optimise your content for SEO

What is SEO? How to use SEO tools like Ubersuggest to optimise your content for SEO?

Week 4: Make a good first impression using online writing tools

How to use online content writing tools like Grammarly, Google Docs, and Hemingway to make your writing stand out?

Week 5: Start your own blog and make money from it

How to configure and set up WordPress? How to find ideas to write your own articles? How to add Google ads to make money from your site’s visitors?

Week 6: How to get a job as an online content writer?

What types of jobs are available for online content writers? How to find them? How to make a CV for online content writing?

Who is this course for?

  1. This course is anyone who wants to start a career in Online Content Writing.

  2. The minimum requirement for this course is that you should know how to write in English.

What will this course will help you do?

  1. This course will help you get Online Content Writing Jobs anywhere in the world.

  2. Podium will provide you guaranteed Content Writing Work after successful completion of this course.

What our past learners are saying about this course?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cost of this course?

This 6 weeks intensive course is priced at only Rs. 1,000 for 6 weeks.

Are these live classes or recorded lessons?

All the classes are live and interactive with a teacher or an industry expert.

Why the cost of this course is so low?

We charge only a notional amount to remove non-serious candidates from the course. We need lots of content writers ourselves so we want everyone to complete the course and become an online content writer. Our main business is to create content (website content, blogs, e-books, company profile) for companies and we are always looking for more content writers who can join our team.

Will I get content writing work after this course?

Yes. After the successful completion of the course, we will empanel you as a content writer on our platform. You will be eligible to get paid content writing work from us. You will also be eligible to look for other content writing opportunities and your chances of grabbing those will be very high.

Will I be able to work from home?

Yes. All the work assigned by us will be work from home only. Not only that, you will be able to choose the hours you want to work with. We will expect you to commit 3-4 hours of work as per your convenience.

How can I enrol in this course?

The seat allocation will be on a first come first serve basis. 

We offer a 100% no-questions-asked refund if you don't like the course after the first session.

Not sure about enrolment yet?

Don't worry. You can join our WhatsApp group to get new Content Writing jobs and tips to stay abreast of the latest developments in content writing space. 

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